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Chapters below from Papers, Please reflect the Levins' pertinent 1982 interviews with Halina Neuman recorded in her NYC apartment and Central Park. Interview tapes were transcribed, edited, and corrected,  Decades later these transcriptions were re-edited and annotated after reviewing the original tapes, augmented by further historical research and supplementary material contributed by Halina's grandson, Kenneth Hoffman.

FROM DARKNESS: Halina and Jola in their own words

Book III (1935-1945) Part 3: In Darkness:   A. The Third Reich snares Anna and Hirsch's friends

Chapter 142a.  HALINA AND JOLA SCHULSINGER   1938 - 1939Expelled from Leipzig to Poland

Chapter 142b.  IN EXILE  1938 - 1942:  Halina and her family in Soviet Poland, Russia and Warsaw

Chapter 158.    CATCH AND RELEASE 1943-1945: In, out, and away from the Warsaw Ghetto and the camps

Book IV (1945--)   Part 2: Afterwards

Chapter 183.  HALINA: A fiercely independent arc


Birthday Card, Halina Neuman to Anna Bieler on Anna’s 80th birthday (June 1988)

Dear Ania:

I am so sorry that I won’t be able to be [there]!!

You know that I think a lot about you.  It is such a small group left.  I love you, and wish you all the happiness with all your family.  Thanks God we have them.

I am very comfortable in the city.... The weather is wonderful, we walk in Central Park.  Open air cafés!!  Shouldn’t be worse.

Love to all of you . . . .



Birthday Card, Halina to Anna Bieler on Anna's 90th birthday (June 1998)

Ania my darling – I am so sad I will not be able to be with you or your family for your festivity.  I am too weak for that!  You are my last dear friend left:  I think every day about so many beautiful things we enjoyed together!  ...

Happy Birthday my darling. 

With love, Halina