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                               playing for life


Ten Standing Panels plus four Exhibit Cases trace the stories of Anna and Halina during and after their Leipzig years. The Exhibit Brochure summarizes their stories and the panels' contents.  It can be used in lieu of an exhibit or as a supplement to a smaller exhibit.

 Only the banners from each Panel are shown below.

Panel 0

o Germany 1933

o The Kulturbund Deutscher Juden

o The Characters

Panel 1a

o Leipzig -- "A Little Paris"

o Leipzig's Jews

Panel 1b
o Shunned
o "I confirm ... I am a Jew"

Panel 2a
o Student Days
o Married with Children

Panel 2b
o Concerts under Surveillance
o Risky Business

Panel 3a

o In Transit

o Paper Walls

Panel 3b
o Sanctuary City - Philadelphia
o Sanctuary City - San Francisco

Panel 4a
o Salzburg before the Anschluss
o October 1938 - Deported to Poland

Panel 4b
o Finding Shelter
o Encore:  Halina keeps playing

Panel 5:  Legacies
o The Kulturbund
o Rich lives, rounded