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The Two Pianos companion exhibit consists of six portable 36"x84" screen panels (some two-sided) plus professionally-curated display cases featuring labeled artifacts, photos, documents and memorabilia from the lives of Anna Burstein and Halina Neuman. 

Case items include Anna and Halina's travel and identity documents, Leipzig Conservatory student materials, and Conservatory diplomas.  Among the most  significant artifacts -- now in custody of the National Museum of American-Jewish History on Independence Mall in Philadelphia -- are Anna's Leipzig Judischer Kulturbund membership card and ticket book.

The exhibit was designed by Stephanie Reyer, with panel and case texts by Michael and Nora Jean Levin.

June 9, 2018 Exhibit Display,
Settlement Music School, Mary Louise Curtis Branch,
416 Queen Street, Philadelphia PA
Case 2:
Anna's Rumanian Passport, Leipzig driver's license and miniature language dictionaries

Case 3: 

Anna's Leipzig Conservatory Diploma and  curriculum materials

Case 3:
Halina's Post-war Identity & travel documents

Free-Standing Framed Poster,
Halina Warsaw concert.
c. 1946