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                               playing for life

Two Pianos: Playing for Life 




Productions involve:  pianist fees; travel/per diem for 2 pianists plus 3 narrators; scripts tailored to the venue; multimedia projections and sound; Option or practicality of an accompanying Exhibit with site-specific exhibit design; performance video recording; print materials (posters or flyers; performance program; exhibit brochure); PR, advertising, and other audience building; logistics management; license fees; and post-production video/audio editing.   To date, local venues and sponsors collectively have provided (in kind or cash) approximately half the full costs of each production, with Papers Please Two Pianos Project support through a mix of U.S. tax-deductible contributions and other funding.  Strong local support is critical to successful outcomes, both financially and to secure an audience. 



Local venue criteria


•  A secure performance space to accommodate 150-500 audience members.

•  A secure “green room” for performer preparation/personal items.


• An auditorium or platform with raised stage sufficient to accommodate 2 grand pianos plus narrators (stage at least 25’ [8 m] wide).


• If pertinent, secure adjacent space, display cases and floor plan to present Two Pianos Exhibit materials, (which may include up to six standing 7’ (2 m) two-sided retractable panels, physical artifacts, and 4 battery-powered tablet units running video-loop excerpts related to performance or exhibit).


• Appropriate adjacent space and facilities for a light post-performance reception.


• Available piano(s) of appropriate quality (plus tuners), plus 5 adjustable music stands.


• TV monitors or projection screens.


• Appropriate lighting.


• Integrated audio-visual system, including remote projector; ability to coordinate projection images with script; ability to deploy 5 wired or wireless microphones, without audio feedback; ability to record direct from sound system (if necessary); centralized controls. 


• Sufficient technical support personnel with English-language capability, to communicate with performers and operate the above.


• At least 1 day of venue availability for set-up, artist practice time, rehearsals and full technical run-throughs, plus post-performance scheduling for take-down.


Local sponsor criteria


• Designate coordinator to:  select performance and exhibit venues; schedule main/satellite events; identify and secure local donors for cash or in-kind services; communicate with Papers Please on anticipated levels of budget support; plan and manage event logistics and action items; identify sub-contractors (e.g., equipment operators, local printer, videographer, photographer) if/as needed.


• Manage public relations activities, including channels for social media, local print/radio-TV press releases, posters or flyers, performance invitations, RSVP tracking, following up press contacts, related matters.

• Provide support staff to assist with exhibit set-up, security, installation, and take-down.


• Provide exhibit tables or cases with covers (“bonnets”), if/as required.


Extensive high-quality full-length videos of complete Two Pianos performances, plus a series of highlights videos that may be combined in a range of ways, may make possible a virtual performance at appropriate venues that avoids much of the cost and complexity of mounting a live production.  For more information on these options, please click here or contact us